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Project Rubric


We have created a checklist to help you determine if your work is complete and set at a high level.


500 Terry Francine Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

March 14th, 1984

Hints for Excellence

Getting Ready

Administration Required

  1. Access to Unreal Engine 5.3. If your computer is a fast one, try downloading at home.

  2. Filled in Media File and given to teacher.

  3. Employee Form filled in. This will ensure you are noticed and are seen as organised and enthusiastic.

  4. Form groups of 3 ready for the first day.


The Cause

UN Sustainability Goals

  1. Research and undertstand the status and possible solutions to one of the selected UN organisational goal.

  2. Research how you country is redearching to meet the UN needs.

conference room.jpg


Interview and understand the needs of the Client

  1. You will interview the Client in a professional manner. The online transaction will be recorded.

  2. Summarise your discussion. This shows you have put time into understadning the needs of yout client. Record some of her narration in the portfolio.


Making the Game

Landscape Design and Development

  1. Design the location and layout of your landscape. Ensure these maps are drawn at level where a person is the size of a big ant.

  2. Create the shape. materials and foliage in the landscape.

  3. Create prototy[e props for the landscape, Props make sence and add value to the landscape.

  4. Create the required atmosphere using directional light and post processing.

landscape of vietnam forest merging with australian outback.jpg

Making  the Game

Mark your own 3D objects for the game.

  1. You have used  a few 3d object creation methods to ensure you have a wide range of skills.

  2. your objects are of high qaulity and are names and saved properly.

  3. the objects are successfully imported in o the game.

a solar powered generator.jpg

Making the Game

Making the Game title screen

  1. Does your title page look professional?

  2. Do you have the name of the game?

  3. Do you have the names of the developers?

  4. Do you have an image?

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Making the Game

A Call for Action!

  1. During the game the goal of the game appears in a text box. Your call to action is exciting, concise and informative.

  2. The language meets the needs of the user.

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Making the Game

Make it work!

  1. Connect the objects to the blue prints to make them collectable.

  2. Hide the objects in strategic places in the landscapes. 

  3. Change the properties in the blueprints to represent the  object name and descriptions

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The Official Marking Scheme

We include the rubric so you are ale to self assess anytime during the verdict.

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