Hosted events



A core feature of the Tech School is a regular calendar of events

These events to provide students, teachers and the community with access to inspiring young people, business leaders, VU researchers, networking opportunities, competitions and promote aspirational thinking around careers individuals may have not thought possible or achievable.

Young Scientist
Competition of 
Wyndham 2022

The Wyndham Young Scientist competition is an open invitation to schools of Wyndham to select outstanding young talent in areas of science and technology, where students’ inventions and ideas will be showcased as part of Wyndham’s Learning Festival week. 


Girls Can School

Holiday Events

GIRLS CAN join Wyndham Tech School during the school holidays for a large arrangement of hosted events covering Esports, Niche Manufacturing, Physics and Systems Engineering.


Student Leadership


Observe the positive behaviours and practical skills of professionals from various backgrounds, enriching your effectiveness as a future leader.

Recordings of our past online events below are available on request. 


Gamedev Game
After School Program

Within this project, students will design and develop a 3D game to promote and simulate many of the roles, processes and challenges of the game development industry.


Future of Work

17th June 4:30 - 6:30pm

The world of work has never been more unpredictable, all industry sectors are facing a digital technology skills shortage. Join us for a discussion with six industry leaders who will provide valuable insights into what this means for businesses  and the job opportunities this is creating for our young people 


Virtual Open

Friday 4th December

Join us for an informative day where you will learn about our plans for 2021 and hear from leading adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and experts on the future of work.


Gaming Week

30th November to 3rd December

Join us for a week filled with engaging speakers from Gamers (including YouTube stars), leaders in eSports, and experts in game-based learning and inclusion.



23rd - 30th November 2020.


Careers in Robotics / Automation

Join us for a conversation with two professionals working in this emerging field and find out how they came to work with robots, what they find exciting and their predictions for the future of this industry.