Our current programs


All programs are designed in partnership with industry, teachers and our expert facilitators, and have a focus on in-demand skills and emerging careers, particularly the digital and creative problem-solving skills that underpin all careers in Industry 4.0. 


We offer four different types of programs

Future of Work

100 Students
Years 7 - 12
9:30am - 2pm

Future of Work programs have been designed to cater for entire year levels, or core subject groups such as maths, or english, where students move through 4 hands-on rotations each focusing on an in-demand skill or emerging career.


Future of Work

Our Future of Work Program has been designed to cater for secondary year levels or core subject groups including Mathematics, Science and English. Students participate in 4 hands-on sessions focusing on in-demand skills or emerging careers.

Industry Programs

25 Students
Years 8 - 12
9:30am - 1:30pm

Industry programs are built around a real-world industry case study, where students use design thinking and industry tools to generate and present innovative solutions.



Velisha Farms

Automation is one of the biggest disruptors of today’s workforce.This workshop provides students with the skills they will need to flourish in Industry 4.0 with collaboration, process automation, programmable logic control (PLC) coding and designing innovative solutions.


in Society

From health care to education and service industries, humanoid robots are making a huge difference in society. In this program, students will use their creative and critical thinking skills to solve real life problems.

Coming Soon


Design Sprint


Students work in small groups to complete a co-design sprint. They will collaborate and co-create a purposeful digital solution exploring the theme of ‘Data for Good’.


Cyber Security

Students are provided with a set of virtual machines that represent different operating systems where they will spend time fixing cyber security vulnerabilities, strengthening systems, and maintaining critical services.


Smart Cities

Wyndham City Council
Coming Term 4

Explore the data that surrounds us in Wyndham and how it is used for making important decisions about our city. Students are tasked with using data in an Unreal Engine simulation to make decisions planning a local festival.


Fatbergs cost millions of dollars each year to remove. In this program, students help Greater Western Water engineers solve this oily problem by developing engineering solutions using Robotics, AI & Machine Learning and remote-operated vehicles.

AI Engineering

Greater Western Water


Game Development

Explore gaming technologies to make change. Students will build knowledge of the game development industry and learn to make a 3D game whilst exploring emerging technologies.

Playside Studios

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Need for Speed:
F1 in Schools

Re-Engineering Australia Foundation

Students design and experiment with CO2 powered cars on our F1 race track, exploring the physics behind race cars.

Immersion Programs

25 Students
Years 8 - 12
9:30am - 1:30pm
10 weeks

Immersion programs are co-created with industry to run across an entire term, with students working with WTS one day a week.


Esports Entrepreneurship

BIG Esports

This program has been designed by industry professionals to give students hands-on experience in working as entrepreneurs in a tech start-up.  Students develop business skills whilst building their esports teams and planning for the production of a tournament.


F1 in Schools

Re-Engineering Australia Foundation

The F1 in Schools introduction is a term long project that introduces students to the international Formula 1 in Schools STEM competition. Students will explore the physics behind race cars, learn critical design skills and utilise industry grade engineering tools to create and test functional prototypes.


F1 in Schools 

The F1 in Schools Development is an in-depth program that runs over 3 terms, preparing students to compete in the F1 in Schools competition. Students will explore both the engineering and enterprise side of running an F1 team.

Re-Engineering Australia Foundation

Senior Masterclasses

Systems Engineering
Units 1 - 4

Senior Masterclasses aim to extend and enhance student achievement.  In 2022 we are focusing on supporting students in Systems Engineering

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Systems Engineering

In 2022 we are focusing on supporting students in Systems Engineering.  Systems Engineering involves the design, production, operation, evaluation and iteration of integrated systems, which mediate and control many aspects of human experience.