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High-tech, hands-on, industry-driven programs. 

We design programs in partnership with experts in industry and education. Programs have an aim to build on the technical and digital skills most in demand for emerging careers.   

At the same time, we create an ecosystem that builds participants’ confidence, unleash their imaginations, and cultivate interpersonal relationships.  

Future of Work

9:30 - 2:00

Yr 7 - 9

75 Students

Introduce your year level to digital transformation and how it is being implemented throughout industries, shaping the way we work with fun, hands-on, and high-tech activities.

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Industry Programs

9:30 - 2:00

Yr 8 - 10

20 - 50 Students

Provide your class with opportunities to solve real-world case studies using industry software, hardware, and design thinking.

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Embedded Programs

1 - 2 Terms 

Yr 8 - 12

Up to 25 Students

Embed our projects into your subject with a

10-week program that scaffolds learning, and builds knowledge.

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Professional Learning

Whilst onsite with students, we also upskill teachers in pedagogy, software and hardware and provide resources to deliver our programs back at school. 


Teacher participation is aligned to ATSL standards and contributes towards annual PL hours.  Contact us for a professional learning participation certificate. 

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