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Digital Product Advertising

1 - 2 Terms 

Yr 8 - 12

Up to 25 Students

Over the term, students will learn essential skills and knowledge required to conceive, conceptualize, and market a product using an array of digital tools.


Students will create a product and work towards creating a product launch video. This will involve them exploring logo and label design using Adobe Illustrator, creating 3D models of their product with Onshape, combining these elements to create a video render with Keyshot and creating their final product launch video.


• Adobe Illustrator
• Onshape (Computer Aided Design)
• Keyshot (3D Rendering Software)
• Stable Diffusion generative AI


• Product design 
• Graphic design
• Critical and creative thinking


Graphic Designer
Product Designer
• Industrial Designer
Rendering Artist
Marketing Specialist
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