Technology during a crisis

Premiered 14th May 2020



John will present three case studies that he has been involved in to support Health Practitioners, Government Agencies and Businesses in times of crisis.


Hi, I am John Sullivan and currently, I am a Manager of Software Architects at Amazon Web Services, the infrastructure technology division of Amazon.  I originate from England and have worked in IT for over 35 years.


I have used my career as a vehicle to travel and work in many different countries;  UK, France, Germany, Luxembourg, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and now in Australia.  I have worked in various roles; Weapons programmer, Ski Guide, Manager of delivery teams, IT Consultant, CTO and a CEO.  I love talking about the beauty of technology, the things that are created through it, the career opportunities it provides people and what a future in tech could look like.

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