Future of Work



The Future of Work program introduces students to a range of high-demand emerging skills as identified by industry, and provides students with access to a range of cutting-edge industrial technologies including machine learning and AI, 3D & 4D CAD/CAM, automation and advanced robotics and game development.


This immersive one-day program will activate student thinking about the future of work and their own future pathways through hands-on exploration.

Intended learning outcomes:

Industry skills targeted:

  • Analytical thinking and innovation

  • Active learning and learning strategies

  • Systems analysis and evaluation

  • Technology design and programming

Future careers targeted:

  • AI and Machine Learning Specialists

  • Process Automation Specialists

  • Software and Applications Developers

  • Robotics Engineers

robot girl.jpg

Students will rotate through our state of the art studios and workshops to experience:

  • 3D Design and Advanced Manufacturing

  • Automation and Robotics

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Game Design and User Experience

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Bookings can be made via the Book Now button or for further information Contact Us through the website.

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