Tech Taster


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Welcome to your future. In this one day program you will be greeted by our robot facilitator and introduced to wondrous future ways of working. Choose your student’s adventure from four of the modules offered!


Students will try out some of our favourite emerging technologies that are revolutionising the way we work. Through hands on inquiry and discussion, be prompted to consider what’s important to them in their future jobs.


Throughout the Tech Taster students will collaborate with their peers and share ideas, while getting hands-on to create with great design software, robotics, altered reality, game design and more!

Intended learning outcomes:

  • Dive deep into personal thinking patterns

  • Explore how peers are similar and different

  • Connect to creative and critical thinking skills

  • Design a dream career to shoot for!

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Join us on site at WTS for a one smorgasbord of future focused technologies. These tech tasters can accommodate up to 100 students in a single day, rotating through each of the four sessions.

Wyndham Tech School
Victoria University
Werribee Campus
Building 14, Gate 2
via Hoppers Lane, Werribee
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