Product Design using CAD


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Transform your ideas into products with design thinking concepts. In this program, Years 7-10 and VCAL students will be introduced to Fusion 360 and basic 3D modelling to design innovative solutions to real world problems and needs.

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The integration of emerging technologies for 21st century education has advanced our understanding of the impact of digital technology as tools for exploring, visualising and reasoning to support conceptual understanding. Computer Aided Design (CAD) gives students a way to work through a design process to understand what must be done to solve a problem.

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This 1hr program focuses on Year 7-10 and VCAL students' spatial visualisation skills, creativity and problem solving skills using 3D CAD software to design innovative solutions to real world problems. This program will guide students to use the computer as a tool for tasks such as 2D drafting, 3D modelling and learn advanced techniques such as solving engineering design problems.

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During this session, your expert facilitator will go through the basic concepts and demonstrate simple design using the design concepts in Tinkercad or Fusion 360.

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After the completion of the virtual classroom session, students will be given a challenge to complete in their own time using the resources provided.


Intended learning outcomes:

  • Implement design thinking strategies

  • Implement Product Lifetime and sustainability practices

  • Create basic sketches to produce useful 3D models

  • 3D model design in Tinkercad

Video class may be live or pre-recorded. Written tutorial is also available in the resource pack. This program can be tailored for extended engagement

– min 3, 1 hour sessions.

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All remote programs are delivered via your schools preferred video conference platform.

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