People in pandemics

Premiered 7th May 2020



Dr Lavinia Grieve’s presentation will provide context around what we are all experiencing right now with COVID-19 she will answer questions such as What is a Pandemic?  How do they start? How often do they happen?  She will discuss the role of science during pandemics in predicting and reducing their impact.


Lavinia is a cell biology postgraduate that has been privileged to professionally engage in the universal world of science for 20 years in cities including Hong Kong, New York, Texas, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne! 


Her love of science has added a world of colour and fun with a career involving multiple roles related to research, teaching, sales and management. Her expertise has developed in wound healing, biotechnology, telemedicine and mentoring.  Lavinia is passionate about talking science and inspiring others to be just as curious about our amazing world around us.

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