Need For Speed:
F1 in Schools

Industry Partner: Re-Engineering Australia Foundation


An introduction to the F1 in Schools program, students explore the physics behind race cars, and test these principles with CO2 powered cars on our race track. Students use the engineering design process to generate concepts, generate 3D models and validate their innovative vehicle designs using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Industry Skills

  • Analytical thinking and innovation 
  • Technology use, monitoring and control 
  • Creativity, originality and initiative
  • Technology design and programming

Future Careers

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • CAD CAM Specialist 
  • Robotics Engineers 
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Designer


  • 9:30am Arrive at WTS 
  • 1:30pm Depart WTS 
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Please Note

There is no food available for purchase at WTS. Students and teachers are asked to bring a snack to eat during the break.
Breaks will be taken outside in the WTS courtyard subject to weather conditions.
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