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Game Design



There is significant research behind the benefits of game development to help young people develop problem solving, creativity and collaboration skills.  In this one day onsite program, students will explore how to create innovative and immersive games using industry game engines.


Game Design is designed to be immersive and includes the following activities:

  • Introduction to the gaming industry

  • Introduction to the design thinking and problem solving methodologies to effectively make a game

  • You will make a game from scratch using Unity

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Intended learning outcomes:

  • Understand the structure and opportunities in the gaming industry

  • Understand the design thinking and problem solving methodology

  • Understand how to create a 3D world, a 3rd person player and interactive objects

  • Gain experience in the coding of a computer game


Game Design is offered both on-site at Wyndham Tech School and remotely.  We can accommodate up to 30 students at one time.

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Bookings can be made via the Book Now button or for further information Contact Us button.

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