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Introduction to 

Game Design



There is significant research behind the benefits of gaming to help children develop problem solving, creativity and collaboration skills.


In this 1 hour program, Years 7-10 and VCAL students will help develop a 3D game and explore how to create innovative and immersive games using emerging technologies.

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During the session, students will explore skills in design thinking, literacy, numeracy and digital technologies.

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Intended learning outcomes:

  • Introduction to the structure and opportunities involved with the Video Game Industry

  • Use the first stages of the Design Thinking methodology

  • State the best industry-standard game engines

  • State several pathways into getting experience in the coding of a computer game

Written tutorial is also available in the resource pack. This program can be tailored for extended engagement

– minimum 3, 1 hour sessions.

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All remote programs are delivered via your school's preferred video conference platform.

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