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In this one day onsite program, students from years 7-10 are introduced to artificial intelligence and humanoid robots. They will learn the basic concepts around image recognition, speech recognition, movement and dialog in a robotic system. No prior programming knowledge required.


Humanoids in society is designed to be immersive and includes the following activities:

  • Initiate dialog exercises with robots

  • Teach the robots to understand speech and respond efficiently

  • Teach the robots to recognise faces, emotions and colours

  • Program the robot to perform a dance routine


Intended learning outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of a robotic system

  • Investigate the use of image, speech and movement in a program

  • Identify multiple creative approaches to problem solving

  • Understand the laws of robotics

  • Complete a challenge as a team


Humanoids in society is offered on-site at Wyndham Tech School.  We can accommodate up to 30 students.

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Bookings can be made via the Book Now button or for further information Contact Us button.

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