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Extend English, Media and Visual Art students in Years 7 to 10 as they move into the world of interactive, immersive and engaging presentations. In this one day onsite programs students will be introduced to industry standard digital media production techniques that will bring their stories to life and reach audiences all around the world.

Digital Storytelling is designed to be immersive and includes the following activities, each tailored to meet the requirements of your curriculum area and focus:

  • Character development exercises

  • Narrative development exercises

  • Storytelling essentials

  • Rotating workshops across a selection of up to three industry-level software packages - for groups larger than 30 students


Intended learning outcomes:

  • Investigate how visual and multimodal texts enhance and layer meaning

  • Create literary texts that adapt stylistic features encountered in example texts

  • Use our Design Studio and industry-level platforms to create, edit and publish a multimodal text

  • Identify different ways to represent ideas using multimodal texts


Digital Storytelling is offered both on-site at Wyndham Tech School and in remote mode. We can accommodate up to 75 students at one time.

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