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Communication and presentation skills are important capabilities in school and life. In this program, Years 7-8 and VCAL students will explore digital technologies to support communication to different audiences using the creative Adobe Spark suite.


Emerging digital technologies offer students a variety of creative ways to communicate. During this 1 hour session, Adobe Spark Video is used to turn the stories into narrated video shorts. This web-based platform enables users with no prior video editing experience to produce high quality outcomes.


The software introduces the basic concepts of video production, sequencing and narration and serves as a starting point for students' who want to move on to more complex editing suites.


Intended learning outcomes:

  • Investigate how visual and multimodal texts enhance and layer meaning

  • Create literary texts that adapt stylistic features encountered in Flash Fiction

  • Use Adobe Spark Video to create, edit and publish a multimodal text

  • Identify different ways to represent ideas using multimodal texts

  • Use randomisation and shuffling to stimulate thinking when experiencing a creativity block

Video class may be live or pre-recorded. Written tutorial is also available in the resource pack. This program can be tailored for extended engagement

– min 3, 1 hour sessions.

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All remote programs are delivered via your schools preferred video conference platform.

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