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Cyber Security

CSIRO Digital Careers 

1 - 2 Terms 

Yr 8 - 12

Up to 25 Students

Every individual and organisation globally is vulnerable to cyber threats, data breaches and hackers. 


In this 10-week immersive program, students learn to understand the significance of security threats to data and information and how they can severely affect society, while exploring strategies that experts use to protect data and networks. They can also gain insights about the booming current and future demand for cyber security specialists. 


1 / Windows

2 / Linux


1 / Analytical Thinking and Innovation 

2 / Originality and Initiative 
3 / Technology use
4 / Technology Design and Programming
5 / Systems Analysis and Evaluation


1 / Data Analyst/Scientist 

2 / Cyber Security Specialist 
3 / Business Intelligence Analyst 
4 / Cloud Engineer 
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