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You have been invited to join the Global Design Challenge of 2024 - Creating Worlds Together. 

This welcome pack will explain the project and give you evrything you need for our first session. 

1. Your time to Shine

We believe in the powerful voice of the student in a global setting. We will be promoting your ideas and progress. In order to collect your interviews and work, we require a media form to be filled in and given to your teacher. 

outback australia.jpg


outback australia.jpg


2. Groups

Getting ready to set up the game development companies

You will be part of a six person team that will form a simulated game development company.  To make it easy, form a team of three before the first session. A group of three students from the other school will merge with you in the first session to form a company.

Forming a team now will ensure you are working with the people you wish to.

3. Resume

Getting to know our students as employees

We are simulating a business so we would like you to fill in a very simple 'get to know you' resume form. The form will only ask your first name, your school and you interests in STEM.

 The form will be used to help people connect with others with the same interests as we create the companies.

What do we need for our computer

Your school computer will be set up with Unreal Engine 5.3 on their computers. If you have a good computer at home, feel free to instaill Unreal 5.3.

You will need you open Epic Launch account

You need access to the shared games. 

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