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Inspiring and empowering the next generation 

Wyndham Tech School is a STEM Centre of Excellence where industry, education and community collaborate to shape the future. 

We ignite curiosity, engagement, and collaboration through an industry-driven curriculum and hands-on exploration of advanced technologies. 

Our role is to support our partner schools in providing secondary students with the skills they need to flourish in careers of the future.

It acts as a hub to engage students and the community in project-based activities using technology and processes inspired by our local industry, including Health, Transport and Logistics, Professional Services, Agriculture, Building and Construction. 

We offer programs, projects and spaces that integrate technology across all subjects, and drive the use of problem-solving, design-thinking and project management. 

We offer all partner schools free and inclusive access to programs, teacher professional development, industry and community events. 

We are a hub for all secondary schools across Wyndham and Hobsons Bay.  

News and Events 

These events to provide students, teachers and the community with access to inspiring young people, business leaders, VU researchers, networking opportunities, competitions and promote aspirational thinking around careers individuals may have not thought possible or achievable.

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Interschool Esports Tournament 2022

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Teacher Networking 

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Student Leadership
Holiday Event

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Careers & Industry 
Networking Event


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Tech Schools are made possible by the vision of the Victorian State Government, supported by annual funding from Department Education and Training and hosted by Victoria University (VU). 
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