Esports Entrepreneurship

Industry Partner: Big Esports



This program has been designed by industry professionals to give students hands-on experience in working as entrepreneurs in a tech start-up.  Students develop business skills (including project, financial and risk management), whilst building their esports teams and planning for the production of a tournament.  Through the course students will learn entrepreneurship, technological, team building & leadership skills through games, esports, IT & content creation.


Industry Partner:

  • Project Management 

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Creativity, originality and initiative

  • Technology design and programming

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Future Careers:

  • Digital Transformation Specialists

  • Game Developers

  • Digital Artists 

  • Film and Media Development

  • Organizational Development Specialist



  • 9:30am Arrive at WTS 

  • 1:30pm Depart WTS 

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Bookings can be made via the Book Now button or for further information please contact 

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Please Note: 

There is no food available for purchase at WTS. Students and teachers are asked to bring a snack to eat during the break. Breaks will be taken outside in the WTS courtyard subject to weather conditions.