F1 in Schools

Industry Partner: Re-Engineering
Australia Foundation


The F1 in Schools Development is an in-depth program that runs over 3 terms, preparing students to compete in the F1 in Schools competition. Students will explore both the engineering and enterprise side of running an F1 team. This covers a breadth of subjects including engineering, product design, graphic design and branding, marketing, finance, project management and more.


Students will collaborate with STEM professionals and Industry partners, deploying CAD/CAM software to design, analyse, manufacture, test, and then race miniature compressed air powered cars.


Industry Skills:

  • Analytical thinking and innovation 

  • Technology use, monitoring and control 

  • Creativity, originality and initiative

  • Technology design and programming


  • Project Management

  • Networking


Future Careers:

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • CAD CAM Specialist 

  • Robotics Engineers 

  • Marketing

  • Graphic Designer



  • 9:30am Arrive at WTS 

  • 1:30pm Depart WTS 

  • 1 day a week at WTS for Term 1, 2 & 3

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Please Note: 

There is no food available for purchase at WTS. Students and teachers are asked to bring a snack to eat during the break. Breaks will be taken outside in the WTS courtyard subject to weather conditions.

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Contact WTS for more information