Student Leadership Program


Throughout this program, you will observe the positive behaviours and practical skills of professionals from various backgrounds, enriching your effectiveness as a future leader.

Who is it for?

Anyone courageous enough to get out of their comfort zone, and get involved in fun, hands-on sessions with plenty to learn from.
Create an inclusive setting where everyone can learn from the team’s collective failings and achievements. Develop your leadership and capacity to make meaningful change in your life.
The last in-person session will be held during Term 3 holidays on September 20th from 9 am – 2 pm. You will meet all the mentors and facilitators in person that have been running the zoom sessions throughout the year.
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The four Zoom sessions (4 - 4:45 pm) will be delivered on the below dates to develop your leadership skills:
  1. Monday, 16th of May
  2. Monday, 20th of June
  3. Monday, 18th of July
  4. Monday, 22nd of August
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