Careers in Robotics and Automation



Automation and robotics are at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) where the physical and digital worlds converge. Robotic systems have historically been kept separate from humans, and tucked away deep in factory lines. Today robots are appearing in healthcare, transport, logistics, hospitality and in retail settings. 


Join us for a conversation with two professionals working in this emerging field and find out how they came to work with robots, what they find exciting about working with robots and their predictions for the future.

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Emma Bede is An Experienced Senior Sales Engineer with a demonstrated history of working with Robotics and Automation in the manufacturing and consumer industries. Skilled in sales and business development with a strong customer focus on robotic automation, project management and automation design of Technology. 

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Kyle Van Berendonck is a Mechatronics Engineer at SEA Electric and has completed Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science at Swinburne University. His highlight from studying was participating in Formula SAE, an industry-based competition where students get hands-on with engineering, designing and building full-size electric race cars. Upon completing his course he was offered a design engineering position at SEA Electric and now writes control software for locally-built fully electric trucks

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