Careers in tech

Premiered 11th August 2020



Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Google? Join us for a discussion with the recruiters charged with finding and hiring the tech talent of the future.


The world is changing around us. Digital technology has become a core part of our everyday lives. Advances in technology impact everything, especially the world of work. We’re building a future that is geared towards—and depends on—tech industry jobs. But what does a career in tech look like?


Davin Kumar gets excited about people development and making things work efficiently. Davin is currently the Staffing Channels Lead for Google APAC, where he and his team have a mission to uncover future Googlers who can help build products for the next billion users.


Brandon has been at PwC for over 5 years and is currently working as a Campus Recruitment and Operations Associate in the Sydney office. In early 2018, Brandon joined PwC’s Campus Recruitment team, where he has been working to connect, inspire and share his own PwC experiences with students, whilst helping them to build their personal brand in the process. He was nominated in 2019 as part of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers’ Top 25 Graduate Recruiters list, and the ‘Most Popular Graduate Recruiter’ Award, as voted by the students of Australia.

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