Automation has been described as one of the greatest disruptions of our time, and by 2025, the time spent on current tasks at work by humans and machines will be equal (World Economic Forum, 2020).


In this full day program, students will work with industry experts and local businesses to develop innovative solutions using applied robotics.  By applying process automation principles, we will look to increase efficiency in production lines using collaborative robots.

Industry Skills Targeted:

  • Analytical thinking and innovation

  • Technology use, monitoring, and control

  • Creativity, originality, and initiative

  • Technology design and programming

Future Careers Targeted:

  • Process Automation Specialists

  • Digital Transformation Specialists

  • Internet of Things Specialists

  • Robotics Engineers


Students will also begin to explore Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and how inputs and outputs can be mapped to automate a simulated factory.

Within our Factory of the Future students will engage with a diverse range of collaborative robots and humanoids (ABB YuMi, NAO, TEMI, Pepper, JD) to apply their automated solutions aligned with Industry 4.0 .

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